Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Quick walk thru ...

Our triple garages...
Our study room...
My kitchen...:)

Looking from back to the entrance door
Lounge room and next to it is rumpus room...

I did a quick walk thru today to get the feeling of each room.
Very happy with the sizes so far. The 2740mm ceiling height give the room bigger feeling, very worth it to upgrade it...:)


  1. Your house looks huge and wide Maria

    I'm very jealous with your triple garage .....I always wish to have a wide garage as I'm not a good driver and my car is big

    I agree the upgrade for ceiling height is very worthy, we also have 2790mm ceiling height. Can I ask how much Wisdom charged you for ceiling upgrade? Fowler charged us 4,8k + GST but our ground floor is much smaller than yours.


  2. Hi kiki,
    Thanks for your nice comments...:)
    Yeah, the reason I have triple because I easily bumps my car's door to the garage wall...:(
    Well, I was hoping to have a wider Garage but land is Only 18m frontage.
    My ceiling upgrade is almost $4k....Yes, Wsdm was reasonable for upgrades and some was even can be questioned & they came back with better price, not much though but helpin little bit.