Sunday, April 1, 2012

Few things to ask SS...

Yes, we visited the frames today and have a quick measure up room per room, also found out few (minor?) things that will need to be addressed to the SS on Monday.
Like the hanging frames & crushed concete slab near the laundry/garage side.
Do you think the hanging wall is acceptable for that lentgh?


  1. Hi M,
    I think you have a bit too much of it. Take it up with the SS and get him to fix it. It looks a bit too much. It will get hidden once the bricking starts.

    I am not sure if Wisdom is using low quality mixure (less cement) in their concrete.


  2. If you are not getting the response you want from your SS, then get in contact with his manager. If you want his details PM me. My email has been disconnected for a few days so you wont be able to get me on email. Or, call me.

  3. Thank you, gunny & Superwoman,

    I rang the SS this morning and he said he already organised it with the concreter to come back and fix it.
    So relieve that he has taken action about this issues.

    ooh...what happened to you email ? I sent you a few email last week, is that why you didn't reply? Ok, I'll call you tomorrow if it's ok?

  4. Bigpond accidentally deleted my email username twice, which is probably why I havent received your emails....It is still down, I am waiting for them to transfer it to a new account. Call me if you like or PM me through homeone.After 3 weeks, I am still waiting for the phone line..and Foxtel. What is it with these service providers....Speak soon

    1. Ok,I'll send again through homeone all my emails sent last week.
      Thanks, K.