Tuesday, January 22, 2013

3 months after we moved in...

We have moved in on October 19th, 2012.
What a long journey and feel forever...sorry for neglecting this blog for few months.
We were very very busy with the packing and unpacking, cleaning, getting quotes, finding furnitures, then come December holiday and lots other things....

We finally enjoyed our new home and feel grateful that not many major problem although we wish if we can turn the time back, we won't build a house.

But I can say that Wisdom is a good builder, for those of you who still want to build a new house, I can recommend them. I'm sure they now have good supervisors only after our SS was gone.

Our 3 months maintenance list has ended last week and we have sent the long list to them, but since the maintenance people still on holiday, we haven't had any contact or email from Wisdom about when they will fix it.

I will try to post some photos here, haven't used this blog for awhile so it will take time to remember to download and paste photos...:P

Anyway, we're still busy sorting out the landscaping, fencing and retaining wall quotes. Hopefully in a few weeks, we'll get someone with good quote.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Waiting and waiting for more progress...

Still not much done after almost 1 week from our 1st PCI.
The only person who came everyday was their maintenance guy.
Still waiting for their carpenter, gyprocker, painter, electrician.....once everybody finish what in the lists then cleaner will come next week.
So they only have 2 days to do all our lists...seems impossible... ::cry::
They want 2 weeks time to rectify our list after 1st PCi, but until now I don't see much different....

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Almost there...

Just to update that we will have our final inspection (PCI) on the 4th October.
Hopefully we won't have any major things to fix and can move within 7days after that.

SS has been great and quickly followed up for any emails and phone calls I made.
We're lucky we live just 10 minutes away, so we can check almost everyday and notice things differently.

Wsdm has fixed some of the the electrical issues we had, but today we found some more...aarrgghh...

Here's are the photos from the current issue we have :
Brickies and electrician caused this saga.
Still waiting for brickies to put back the bricks, then electrician to install updown light.
Light is placed too close to manhole in our bed WIR.

Missing external power point outside laundry

Is this normal for a gap like this for front door??

Well, we can't wait to see the final result that Wsdm will give us.
This Saturday they will clean the place (initial clean, whatever that means..) and I am so keen to watch the cleaner to clean our main floor.



Friday, September 14, 2012

Main floor tiling has begun.. & few more photos..

Hello everyone,

Just an update at our place, main floor tiles has begun and it looks good.

Only we still haven't got a date for PCI nor handover....:(
But I reckon will  be early October.

We found that there are a few things quite dissapointing us, like we can't get our up down lights for front portico. Apparently the brickies has done something inside the portico and the electrician aren't able to install it. Very annoying because they didn't call to let us know about it but they changed it to LED downlight instead. This is not the look that we wanted, since we like their Oran park display home with the same facade that have 2x up down lights, why they can't do the same for us ??

Secondly is our main ensuite bathroom. The electrician (or maybe tilers) has placed the power switch too close to the future mirror if we get 2 skinny mirrors like The Ponds display, the mirror will be so small to avoid the power switch, but if they give us 1 big piece mirror as the other display home, then I reckon the power switch will be inside /blending in the mirror.
We want a 1 big piece mirror instead of 2x mirror, so will request it tomorrow, hopefully it's not too late....if it's not possible, then that's another dissapointment again from Wisdom after they gave us the wrong basin...

Anyway, here are few photos :
Master Ensuite, power switch on the right hand side
Upstairs linen and main bathroom entrance
Main floor starting
New microwave position with additional bifold door
foyer with painted french doors


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bathrooms tiling finished and 1st Paint is done...

Hello All,
Have been a few weeks since my last post.
Sorry, was so busy with work and kids, again, no excuse..sorry...:P

Well, here are more photos for our last progress...
Have been happy so far and the house looks liveable now. He..he...

1st coat of paint :

The kitchen looks better now with caesarstone installed.

The bathrooms turned out nice, after first look, we thought it looks too yellow'ish (for kids' bathroom).
Powder room (Master ensuite and shared bathroom upstairs will use the same tiles like this):
Kids's Bathrooms both will be like this :
Alfresco :

Our French door (soon will be painted) :

Handover will be around 14 October, another delay again....but hopefully they'll surprise me and do it sooner...Oh, and SS said our correct laundry door has been ordered and will be delivered next week.
Now still need to decide with our plantation shutters, should we use Basswood or just PVC with aluinium insert?
They both looks the same, price also similar, only one is from timber, one man's made.
Our front house will use all shutters and we get sun from morning till evening. Hhmm, which one will not crack easily ??

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Updates.. & lock up stage

Sorry, I have been so busy this month and neglecting my blog.
But I have lots of photos here to catch up..:)

We officially locked up since 2 days ago.
The progress is great, we have our kitchen installed, cornices for most of the house, garage doors installed, and more...

Our lovely front doors

White kitchen

WIP....small, I know, but I think it should be plenty of room for my tuna cans & kid's snacks...:)

Laundry ...yay, so much space for my stuff....:)
Sorry for the dirty photo, the camera lens need to be cleaned....

Master Ensuite, cabinets looks busy with those handles...

Currently we are having problem with the kitchen end result, we are not happy with this joint looks in the bar back. The joints looks very feasible and not neat. The only option is to replace it with polyurethane, but poly easily chips & scratch (some friends said), so that's why we didn't choose poly in the first place. Laminate will be the other option, but will try to get the price tomorrow from WH and see if laminate will have joints or not. We prefer to have 1 piece of board rather than 2 boards like these....:(

Another issue is the microwave height. Tmplle Kitchen has designed it too high for us to reach...
The international standard is 1.30m-1.35m the highest you can have, but this microwave is 1.610m. So it's above me ...
We're still resolving this issue...clearly it's a faulty design...

Last but not least, we got the wrong laundry door....sigh....we changed it to their standard inclusion, like in The Ponds display home, before the admin wrapped up our documents.
We changed our garage doors and this laundry door in the same email. But apparently this door didn't get changed, only the garage door.
Still fighting about this...hopefully SS will call me tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We got stairs! :)

Very happy to see how the stairs turned out, exactly like I imagined with a slight curve on the bottom...
Here's the photos :

Also, the cornices has been installed for some rooms...
Here's in the laundry :