Monday, December 12, 2011

That lovely Pegs..:)

I drove by the land on Friday last week, not expecting that WH has done the pegs!!

Excellent, only small but at least a progress...:)

Only 1 peg was too close to my neighbour's boundary, G. So hopefully her builder doesn't knock out the peg.


Got my carpet quotes as well on Friday, prices as expected. But we're kind of run out of budget, but we don't want the standard carpet inclusion, so we'll go tomorrow again to Dlorenzo to choose other carpet in medium range around $40-45/m2.

Meanwhile, I have sent my kitchen drawing today. That's another progress too...:P

Monday, December 5, 2011


After that great news about council approval, WH organised a peg out with 5 days turn around last week. So hopefully this week, we'll see something happening on the land..
Meanwhile, hubby finally decided to mow the grass himself.
So we went to the land on Saturday, met our new neighbour accros the street who happened just finishing mowing too.
had a quick chat and I think our new neighbour is very nice!
It's going to be a great community there....:)

Here's a few photo during and after the mowing...