Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hooray...the rain stops!!

Not much happened for this week, the rain suddenly poured from the sky so heavily for the last 3 days. So I won't hope so much that something will happen today when the rain finally stopped.
My SS called this morning that bricks will be done next week and should be finished for 1st floor by end of next week. After that is the roof, gutter etc. Then the brickies will be back to do the 2nd floor.
Yay, the cements has arrived too...:)
Oh, btw, the concreter did come to fix a few chips that we complaint before to SS. not sure when did they come but it's a surprise they have done it this week. Good job!
I also a bit worried with some of the pipes that don't look in the the right spot (Photos attached). Do you think it's acceptable?
Meanwhile, last week I was busy making appointments and seeing few landscapers.
The 3 quotes came back with various amount, but I will still see few more landscapers by next week.
Will update you all which one we'll use.
Cheers, have a good weekend all!! :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Some progress today...

It's been a quiet week so far, but today they have installed all the cables for gas, hot water, etc.
My sons went up to the 2nd storey and they can't decide which room to choose...:)
Oh, also I have seen 2 landscapers today and 1 more tomorrow.
The landscaper both said that I can go up to 900mm heights of retaining walls without going to council/engineers details.
Now is deciding to use logs, bricks, stones or joint paver for our retaining walls.
Hopefully the landscape quotes are good.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Frames finished and windows are installed...

The windows! (I should reduce the 2 window's sizes at the back, they're too big I think...)

Study room's windows... Love it!!

2nd floor : Our Media Alcove in Master bedroom

Frontage : 9 Windows , lucky number..ha..ha..

Yesterday was my 40th birthday and hence I was sooo busy answering emails, phones, Facebook, & whatsapp wishes....:)
We had a really nice dinner just with my DH and kids at Kellyville Thai Rest "Gati" and finished really late like almost 10pm....
(Oh, and surprise, I met there a friend from Homeone forum that is apparently my DH work's friend...what a small world!)

I couldn't check the finished frames and windows that were installed yesterday.

So was so happy to see the house is taking it's shape and we also can climb to 2nd floor. YAY!!
Great view from the 2nd floor and all rooms look okay in sizes. Just like what we imagined, since originally the floor plan was changed a lot of times from the original Boston's plan.

One thing that I should do is to increase the ceiling height to 2.590m, but I didn't. Well, it's a lesson for me, maybe for my next build, ha..ha.. I wish...:)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

oo windows has arrived!!

Get a bit excited to see the windows arrived today!
Well, it's a white frame window, so nothing's special but it will match our white plantation shutters... will be lovely! :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Few things to ask SS...

Yes, we visited the frames today and have a quick measure up room per room, also found out few (minor?) things that will need to be addressed to the SS on Monday.
Like the hanging frames & crushed concete slab near the laundry/garage side.
Do you think the hanging wall is acceptable for that lentgh?