Friday, April 6, 2012

Frames finished and windows are installed...

The windows! (I should reduce the 2 window's sizes at the back, they're too big I think...)

Study room's windows... Love it!!

2nd floor : Our Media Alcove in Master bedroom

Frontage : 9 Windows , lucky number..ha..ha..

Yesterday was my 40th birthday and hence I was sooo busy answering emails, phones, Facebook, & whatsapp wishes....:)
We had a really nice dinner just with my DH and kids at Kellyville Thai Rest "Gati" and finished really late like almost 10pm....
(Oh, and surprise, I met there a friend from Homeone forum that is apparently my DH work's friend...what a small world!)

I couldn't check the finished frames and windows that were installed yesterday.

So was so happy to see the house is taking it's shape and we also can climb to 2nd floor. YAY!!
Great view from the 2nd floor and all rooms look okay in sizes. Just like what we imagined, since originally the floor plan was changed a lot of times from the original Boston's plan.

One thing that I should do is to increase the ceiling height to 2.590m, but I didn't. Well, it's a lesson for me, maybe for my next build, ha..ha.. I wish...:)


  1. Big and warm congratulations for your birthday Maria.

    Again, Wisdom have delivered what they have promised! It is always happy to get a progress for the house but it is particularly nice to have a very beautiful progress in the house on your birthday occasion and before the long weekend.

    I love all of your windows, I don't think you have a bit big window there. All windows are right size and really nice.

    Can I ask why did you think you should increase the height of the first floor? do you like to increase as you want to have the house' overall height taller to match with the height of your neighbor houses?

    Actually, I was struggling to make a decision for the first floor's height too. However, I decided to keep the standard height because the display homes also have the standard height ...Do Wisdom have 2590mm height for their display homes?

  2. Big thank you, kiki!:)
    Yes so far we are happy with the progress.

    The 2 big windows at the back is facing West, so it will be very warm in the afternoon. Especially it's a tv room for kids at the very back & I think it's too much light ( if u see the plan, the rumpus has 2 big windows & 2 slim windows between media alcove. ) we should change it to a smaller window...well, that's ok , it's an experience for 1st time building.

    With the higher ceiling 2590mm, it's just better feeling, the rooms feel bigger and wider. Since the bedrooms upstairs are only small sizes. But it's allright, we checked yesterday that it should be fine. :)

    Cheers, have a good Easter , kiki!!


  3. Happy Birthday Maria!!! What a great present - Windows!! House looks like its coming along nicely. We kept standard ceiling height upstairs and it looks fine Maria. I wouldnt worry too much.

    1. Thank you, KAN! :)
      Yes, it's a great feeling to see the house yesterday. It's a different feeling and joy everyday to see the changes...

      No, I'm not worried about the ceiling height anymore, my DH said the air cond will work much harder if it has to cool/warm the rooms with higher ceiling height. especially if we need to turn on upstairs & downstairs.

      Have a great Easter break, KAN!

  4. A belated happy birthday!!! Great to see the house is progressing well. After we finalised plans there were a couple of things I wished I changed, but we are so far along the process its too late now, (unless council want us to change something). I think no matter what we have chosen we always find something we would like to change. But I am sure you will be really happy with your house once you have finished.

  5. Brilliant house building project. As Professional Builders in Torquay, South Devon and The South West we would be pleases to produce such a high standard of workmanship.