Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bathrooms tiling finished and 1st Paint is done...

Hello All,
Have been a few weeks since my last post.
Sorry, was so busy with work and kids, again, no excuse..sorry...:P

Well, here are more photos for our last progress...
Have been happy so far and the house looks liveable now. He..he...

1st coat of paint :

The kitchen looks better now with caesarstone installed.

The bathrooms turned out nice, after first look, we thought it looks too yellow'ish (for kids' bathroom).
Powder room (Master ensuite and shared bathroom upstairs will use the same tiles like this):
Kids's Bathrooms both will be like this :
Alfresco :

Our French door (soon will be painted) :

Handover will be around 14 October, another delay again....but hopefully they'll surprise me and do it sooner...Oh, and SS said our correct laundry door has been ordered and will be delivered next week.
Now still need to decide with our plantation shutters, should we use Basswood or just PVC with aluinium insert?
They both looks the same, price also similar, only one is from timber, one man's made.
Our front house will use all shutters and we get sun from morning till evening. Hhmm, which one will not crack easily ??


  1. Your doors and kitchen look great!

    So happy for you my friend.

    I'm sure we will be move in much earlier than Oct 14. YOu and I were almost similar timelines but we even don't have kitchen delivery yet.....Poor us!

    When they will do flooring for you?

    Thanks info on shutters, which kind of shutter have been used for display home? I think we may go with the similar shutter....

    Good luck for both of us!

    1. Hi kiki,
      Thanks for your nice comment! :)
      The main floor will be the last one, not sure when.
      I will check the display home first about the shutter. I think they used Basswood, most popular one.