Thursday, September 27, 2012

Almost there...

Just to update that we will have our final inspection (PCI) on the 4th October.
Hopefully we won't have any major things to fix and can move within 7days after that.

SS has been great and quickly followed up for any emails and phone calls I made.
We're lucky we live just 10 minutes away, so we can check almost everyday and notice things differently.

Wsdm has fixed some of the the electrical issues we had, but today we found some more...aarrgghh...

Here's are the photos from the current issue we have :
Brickies and electrician caused this saga.
Still waiting for brickies to put back the bricks, then electrician to install updown light.
Light is placed too close to manhole in our bed WIR.

Missing external power point outside laundry

Is this normal for a gap like this for front door??

Well, we can't wait to see the final result that Wsdm will give us.
This Saturday they will clean the place (initial clean, whatever that means..) and I am so keen to watch the cleaner to clean our main floor.



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