Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Meeting new neighbour & our SS !

What can I say, this afternoon was very exciting to fnd 2 of my new neighbours who happened to visit their sites.
Hi shutterman, if you read my blog, and good luck to B who's going to sell his house first....
Hope you guys will move in soon...that street is still too quiet....:) need more neighbours... ha..ha..
Then not long, our SS came to visit unexpectedly.
I met Shane for the first time, not much smile, straightforward guy. but he's good, he called previously to let me know that our underground rainwater tank on the plan is so steep, so he asked me & my husband to come tomorrow to talk about our landscaping plan, which I have no idea....
I should do more research about it .....
Looks like we'll need lots of retaining walls around the block, because we want the backyard flat.
In the meantime, Boral has delivered the bricks already today, which the SS didn't want it, it's too early , so he will ask Boral to pick it up again tomorrow...:(
What do you think of the brick's color?


  1. Hello M,
    Regarding your underground tank water, I recalled I once wrote about our tank issue. Anyway, I am not sure if you can get more info from our underground water tank, but visit my blog then you can see the plumber did dig about 3 meters and 8 meters width for our tank.

    We wish we could have a flat rear yard but we are not allowed (by the council condition) to excavate or change the level of the natural land position that is 1 meter beyond the tank location so that we can only lightly leveling the ground at average level .

    I just wonder how big your tank is ? previously Fowler planed to have a slab then tank for us. Eventually, they thought it was better to install the tank first and then slab. Therefore, it is still difficult for us to get the overall outlook for our rear yard level. But you had slab so it is easier for you to decide about the level of the tank.

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Kiki,
    thanks for your info. i'll check out your blog asap.
    Our watertank is 10000 litres.It's ridiculous, nobody needs that much water, beside we have recycle water, so there's no point to have that huge tank...

    I will update my blog with some photos so you can see what happened today. very tiring just watching them do it.