Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Frames are delivered!!

I didn't expect any changes today when I passed the site.
So happy that the frames has been delivered today, surprise...surprise...
The bricks that wasn't supposed to be delivered has taken up so much space that the frames must be laid on the slab.... hhhmmm....


  1. Hello M,

    I'm also not impressed that they put the frames on your slab, but they at least put the frames inside your property.

    This morning I was also surprised that they put the steel for our slab on the council area. I told the truck driver that the steel should be laid inside our property, but he said that is Fowler job! and he even explained Fowler will bring these heavy steel by hands to our property on the following day!

    Anyway, good luck for your frame. You are really on your way.

  2. Yeh Maria. Cant wait to see them go up