Saturday, March 17, 2012

We got Slab!!

In a wet Saturday morning, we got a surprise call from our neighbour, gogo, that we got slab !!
(Thanks, gogo!)
OMG! OMG! YAY...but also : How come??!!
Last night was raining and it's still raining now, although light, and no one called me from Wisdom homes that the slab is being poured today!
Well, I expect that we can videotape the whole process on Monday I missed it...
Never mind, as long as their engineer can certify that it's ok to pour slab during this wet weather, then I'll be fine.
I still rang the SS straight away and he assured me that it's even better if they can pour the slab today.
The rain will help to cure the slab , rather than having a hot weather which apparently will easily crack the slab.
Unfortunately it was too wet and muddy, so we can't walk on the slab today and write our names there....:(
Here'a some of the photos from today's action...:)


  1. Good one Willcress - your slab is HUGE!

    1. Hi Superwoman,
      Thank you so much! :)
      We had a walk today on it, it felt not that big...he..he...In the drawing seems bigger room by room...
      Cheers, I hope they will resolve yours quickly.

  2. Congratulations! Your on your way!

    1. Hello M,

      Big congratulation for your slab. You are now on your way.

      Many thanks for the pictures.

      So happy for you!

  3. Hi Kiki,
    Thank you so much for following my blog! :)

    yes, there will be up & down, I just need to be more prepared...:)

  4. Hi Willcres! Wet weather is the best time to pour a slab. . . keeps the outside damp so it can cure from the inside! Years ago, people actually used to water their slabs with a hose until they cured!

    Huge slab, and your house is double storey too. . . twice the fun!

  5. Jo+Phil,
    Thank you for the info & following my blog!:)

    I hope it'll be fun too when it's time to clean the house, which is mostly my hubby's job....ha..ha...