Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Digging underground rainwater tank

Today's was the big day!
They are going to install underground water tank, the external plumbing and someone from Fair Trading will come to inspect the site.
We arrived 8am to see the SS and he was pretty good explaning everything that will happen today.
He is also flexible adjusting to our need. He check out first what we want to do with our backyard & landscape.
After we explained it, he said he's going to help us by taking most of the dirt out and flatenning the leftover dirt to the backyard so we can just put retaining wall after handover. Our land is sloping to the back and to gogo's house, we want to have a flat backyard for the kids to running around.
I came back again 2x today and they still haven't finished the job. Apparently the backyard's soil was sinking when the crane went in to install the tank. The land was dug this morning for the external pipes.
Well, no wonder....The tank is soooo huge!!
The guy who dug said they'll come back again because they need a bigger crane to put it inside the ground.
I wish I chose the above rainwater tank....this underground tank has caused me so much trouble and delayed....:(
Well, here's the photos of today's big action...


  1. Yes, it is very big tank M. If possible, can I ask what are special reason that made you chose that underground water tank? How much extra you need to pay for that tank?

    I'm interested in knowing these info as we don't want the underground water tank, but the council require all new buildings to have it. Fowler charged us about $21k + crane cost. They have yet sent us bill for crane cost .

    In addition, I also wonder why you did not need to have extra pier as Fowler advised us that we will need to pay extra pier because of this under ground tank. However, they couldn't advise us how much we will need to pay extra for pier due to under ground tank.

    Good luck for tomorrow with crane and tomorrow we will know how much extra pier we will need!

  2. Holy moly Maria, that is one huge tank! How much did that cost you? Is it cement?

  3. Oh, why is Dept. Fair Trading coming out?

    1. Hi Superwoman,
      Yes, it's too big...but if everything's ok,we won't need to see it again once it's underground...:P

      It's close to $9K for the tank.
      I think it's cement ?? It's thick and very heavy for sure...

      The dept fair trading came to inspect the pipes, watertank, water, etc. It's for the certification I think...

  4. Hi kiki,
    We chose underground because we don't like the look of above ground because we will need 2x4500lt, they are so big and wasting our space.
    We only paid $9K for the water tank, and we don't need pier.
    That's one reason we chose Wisdom.

    Wow, Fowler is so expensive! Most builders i asked are around $11-15K max, and no crane cost. It should be included.

    So how much do you need to pay in total?

  5. Hello M,

    Thanks for info regarding water tank. It is supper that Wisdom only charged you $9k for 10000 liter.

    Yes, Fowler charge is not competitive but I know AVJening has charged even more for 15000 liter underground water tank. In the pre-contract stage, Fowler has advised that $21k for that tank excluding crane cost. And we had accepted so our pocket was painfully broken but I think it is fair enough. We also have a option to install the tank by our self but we want Fowler to do it for us as the tank issue should be very much technically and mat with the house footing.

    This morning (Mar 22), we also suffered another painful pocket that we need to pay extra $4k piering due to the tank location which I really angry with Fowler. While our front setback is 11 meters, Fowler did not locate our tank in the front yard or driveway.

    In total our tank is $21k + $4k + crane cost

  6. Hi kiki, oh sorry to know your cost, it's crazy ! Can you change the location to the front?
    Why did they charge you extra piering? Is it because the tank near the sewerage ? Ours was like that too, but we dismissed the idea to pay extra piering because it's not our fault & it's their suggestion in the 1st place to locate it there. Luckily they changed it without any I was happy I chose them.