Monday, March 26, 2012

The tank has gone inside the ground....

This afternoon, I checked the site and missed out the action...the rainwater tank has been buried in the ground.....ooh....
Well, a bit of relief, but also worried because our slab looks sooo messy, lots of broken pipes around and the land's soil are all over the place...we'll need some serious landscaper to fix this....
Oh one more thing, one side at the back of the slab was crushed by the excavator last week, do you think it's ok or should I complain about it?


  1. Hello M,
    So happy for you to see the tank was finally installed.

    If I were you, I would complain about those messy and minor damages. By doing that, the builder might get a message or know that you closely look after your building.

    Have a great day!

  2. Hi kiki,
    Thank you! Yes, I'm glad the tank was installed...:)

    I did send email to my SS this morning regarding the messy site, broken pipes, crushed slab etc, but he hasn't replied yet.
    Do you think I need to email his manager too?
    Or maybe just send photos and cc his manager?


  3. Hello M,
    Yes, I also like your idea to send photos and cc his manager.

    1. Hi kiki,
      My work friend said not to bother the SS too often... It's like telling him that he's not doing a good job....
      Well, he hasn't called/ email me back since yesterday.
      Because I have to pay my 1st progress payment in 2 days, I want to know what his response to that...