Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Raked Joints or Ironed Joints

Well, yesterday SS called me that the bricks labourer has noticed that the bricks are not even shapes, hence with ironed joints that we chose, it won't be good. Oh, SS has decided to make 2 sample batches of Raked Joint (that he thinks is the best) and Ironed Joints.

Sample of Ironed joints done this morning :

Photo of a house nearby using the same bricks with Ironed Joints :
I saw that Raked Joints give a better aesthetique finish to the bricks. So I have have decided to go with Raked joints...
Sample of Raked joints this morning :

Unfortunately, the brickies are still finishing jobs somewhere SS said tomorrow they will start.

Fingers crossed, praying hard....


  1. Raked... 100%. Good pick up brickie's labourer!

  2. Thanks, TheCastle...
    I agree too, I hope Raked joints will give our bricks the best look!! :)