Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bricks Progress today..

Wow, 8 bricklayers today....surprise!

We also had our internal plumbing done...great, the floor was drilled upstair so if it rains again, the water will run to first floor...:)

The thing is, we still haven't gotten the roof, and with the cloudy scattered shower like this, our house will suffer slightly....

Here's the progress today :


  1. 8 brickies on the site is very impressed. You will have finished bricks and roof will have very soon M. Very good on you as next Mon and Tue may not have good weather.

    We had only 3 guys as other 3 guys have not yet finished their job on the schedule. So we may finish bricks in next Friday due to bad weather on early next week.

    Good luck to you and me!

  2. Thanks, kiki... Apparently the brickies boss was also working on site... The first week maybe too slow with only 4 people..
    I don't think it will finish on Monday....

    But hey, yes it's a good progress. Can't wait for the roof!!