Friday, May 18, 2012

Bricks Progress in 1 week...

Here are the photos for 1 week progress...

I think our brickies have done good job so far. Although there are some windows gap here and there, it wasn't their fault, they just followed our SS instruction to brick it like that, and it's either the frames company messed up the frame's calculation  or it's normal to have windows sills/infills like that.
The brickies said once they infills it, I won't even know / notice the difference/the gap. Yes, hope so...


  1. Looks great! It is coming along nicely. Dont worry about the gaps. They get frames made in the same colour as your window to cover these gaps. You cant even tell once they do it.

    1. Hi KAN,
      Thanks for your comment & info about the gap.
      I really hope so, otherwise it will affect the house appearance.

      I hope they can finish this week so we'll get roof by next week.
      Fingers croseed!! :)