Saturday, May 5, 2012

3 weeks and none's done...

It's official, today is the 3rd week of nothing's done in our site...
The hardest thing was the weather was so good, sunshine all the way ...(oh, we only got 2 rain days & 1 public holiday/Anzac day).

I made an official complaint email to FS, the head of supervisor on Wednesday and he called me back on Thursday. Not long after, my SS called me and we had a good chat and in the end, he said there'll be labourer on Thursday arvo and Friday to move the bricks around, so on Monday the brickies can start their work.

I felt relieved with the conversation we had and started to trust him again, but Thursday no one came and Friday until now, there's no one moving the brick around as promised. I texted him and no response.
So, again, so dissapointed....


  1. Hello M

    Monday is a big day to us. Brickies will start their job on your site and Framing Company's carpenter will fix incorrect roof pieces for us.

    Best of luck to us

    1. Hi Kiki,
      Still no brickies today as you can see in my thread and blog...
      Always something new everyday isn't it??

      big learning curve...and headache...he..he..

  2. Hi Maria,

    We encountered similar issues when he was our SS. Just keep complaining to FS. He was very helpful when we had issues. How did your meeting with Alex go last week?


    1. Hi K,

      Oh really ? Then must be his organisation skills not too good....??
      Yes, I will see if tomorrow the brickies will come or not, otherwise will need to contact FS again...

      Thanks, KAN.

    2. Oh, KAN, Alex was only 15 minutes prob max. Looks like he's in a hurry, but he's going to have a baby this week. So he'll send the quote next week.
      How's your landscape? Would love to see yours...:)
      Update us, please....