Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Sorry for being lazy to update this blog...

Don't know how or when, but the rocks that was dumped has now gone...:)
that's because we contacted our solicitor and they instructed the land's owner to clean them up before settlement....

Things have been moving along pretty quick the last 2 months, so I thought I need to update this blog.
Well, I got my drawing in May 2011, then finally the land settled last week on the 8 November 2011 (yeah, 2.5 years after we paid deposit...:()e

We signed building contract and paid 5% deposit to Wisdom on the 6th October 2011.
Since then, things were moving quickly, got a phone call for color appointment (with Anita), kitchen appointment (Timpelle Kitchen), then electrical appointment (with Clipsal now).

Anyway, I'm not too impressed with electrical appointment with Clipsal, just realised that I have to upgrade so much. can you imagine Wisdom only give me 22 lights for 50sq home! Unbelieveable..
So we ended up upgrading lots & lots of bayonet for future downlight and also double power point.
Also you need to check and recheck again, Clipsal did mistake and almost cost me $500for adding a fan light heater in one of the bathroom that supposed to be Wisdom's cost. Lucky, I checked it again all the cost on the way home...

With Timpelle Kitchen, was not too bad. The girl who looked after us was in a hurry and not too patieint (or maybe I'm too fussy??).
Anyway, we're still waiting for our kitchen design.

OK, here's my color choices :
Bricks ; Boral Grays Point
Roof ; Bristile Coal
Gutter : Monument
Garage door & fascia : Paper bark
Window : Gloss white
Door : Timber stain finish

Kitchen :
Doors : Formica Snow drift (upgrade)
Caesarstone : White Shimmer
Glass splashback : Latte

Walls : Bristol Canvas cloth (one of the hardest thing to choose...)

Bathroom :
Cabinet ; Laminated Burnished Wood
Caesarstone ; White Shimmer


There's a hiccup too when submitting our plan to council since at that time in October our land was not settled yet and there's a different between new land owner. so complicated...I ended up paying my own title search so that the Hills council will accept my DA.
Well, finally after being rejected twice, the council accepted our DA on the 7th November. Then we got a stop the clock letter from council due to :
- too many paving/concrete
- front setback that Wisdom drawn was only 5.2m, it should be 6m.

Wisdom will argue this set back thing with Council and let me know the result.
Hopefully they can resubmit the DA this Friday.

In the meantime, this Friday we are going to see Ultra Air, the company who supply Actron A/C for Wisdom and also to Di lorenzo , the tiles & carpet supplier this Saturday.


  1. HI Willcress - nice to hear from you and get an update on where you are up to. I didnt realise you were building such a huge house! I really look forward to watching the progress in this blog!

  2. Thanks, superwoman!
    Good luck for you too!