Monday, November 28, 2011

Kitchen Design...

We have received our kitchen plan from Timpelle Kitchen.
Didn't realize just to choose the handles will be this hard...
Vertical or horizontal??

We like the look of slimline horizontal but Timpelle warned us that horizontal handles may damage adjacent cabinets and walls.
I still can't imagine how it will damage the other cabinets??

But well, I think I'll ask tomorrow.


  1. Hi Willcres,

    Just checking out your progress. Things seem to be coming along quickly for you now. Good point about the Kitchen i havent even thought about direction of handles. There are so many things to remember.
    What are you doing for flooring? Timber / Tiles? Would love to see any pic of colours and things you have picked.

  2. Thanks, Hills111, I'll post our tiles choices once we approved the quotes from Di Lorenzo...:)

  3. Hi Hills111,
    Fyi, we have approved our tiles quote early this month.
    It took DLorenzo awhile to send to Wsdom.
    Btw, we chose all from green range and no additional tiles $$, but we still have to pay additional for labour, and it's around $7k for polished porcelain and also bathrooms.