Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rocks dumped on our land...

My future neighbour told me the other day that someone dumped rocks on my land. I checked it yesterday and that's a whole lots of rocks!! Plus at the back also lots of old trees, rubbish, etc.
I emailed my solicitor straightaway and she contacted the developer. The developer will make sure all cleared by the time we settle.

The thing is, what's gonna happened after we settle and when we want to build? There's going to be 4-5 months waiting, and between that time, anyone can dumped anything....


  1. I know with illegal dumping in the hills shire council, the Regional Illegal Dumping Squad (RID Squad) operate in the area and will come out and have a look to see if they can track the dumper or source of rubbish down. They are a group of investigators formed by the state government and councils who target this type of stuff. Go to

  2. Oh, thanks a lot, 15gmail...:)

    The rocks are gone now...
    But I'll keep this info neatly, since I haven't started building...