Saturday, July 21, 2012

Progress so far....

We had not much progress lately after electrical and A/C duct installed last week.
Yesterday we had our private independent inspection (H&K Ryan) and it's a big relief that no major defect were found.

Surprisingly, today Wsdm's carpenter worked hard on site to fix all requests in Howard's inspection.

The floors get cleaned too which is amazing feeling..:)

I must say the carpenter did a great job, very neat and tidy.

So, SS updated me that insulation & gyprock will done next Monday & Tuesday, very excited!!

Oh, another good news, I have 2 SS now, SJ & WA. Apparently Head office asked WA to speed things up.

But the bad news is that the house will be ready by end of September, that's like 6 weeks over our 26 weeks contract!! :(
I was expecting at least early Sept, that's still acceptable for me with lots of rain in Feb-April which was around 2-3 weeks time in total.

Anyway, fingers crossed that they can finish it earlier....

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