Monday, February 6, 2012

The House Plans

With the help of my new Home 1 friend, Jo, I can finally upload these plans, as promised...:) thank you, Jo!!

Our facade called Grand Portico (modified slightly of course).
We added a garage, 2 windows, upgraded the cladding to all bricks (which cost so much..), that's why we couldn't afford to upgrade the bricks to the smooth face.
Luckily, we found a new range from Boral bricks that close to what we wanted. So, quite happy with our choice of Grays Point bricks.


  1. Hello there,

    I'm reading H1 and know your blog.

    Your house plan and facade are very nice. Just wonder your plan's name is Boston but it seems very much similar to Oran Park's Manhattan display home...

    We may have the same site start with you. But I'm pretty sure that Wisdom will make your build faster and more quality than Fowler-our builder due to the latest review about these two builders.

    It is very interesting to know that Wisdom and Fowler have been using the architecture but Wisdom always speed up pre-construction period for their clients. We have a very long and painful delay in doing the paper work with Fowler and after 3 months we were only reported yesterday that our Construction Certificate would be ready on today!

    Best of luck with your construction!

    1. Hi Kiki,
      Thanks, for reading my blog..:)
      Where do you build?

      Yes, we love the facade, it's requested by my hubby, Wisdom didn't really have exactly like that in their standard facades.

      We did modify a lot for the plan, and now it looks similar to Manhattan at Oran Park...:)

      Boston was the first plan they have above 45sq , but it's not exist anymore as far as I know. They ceased it since 2009. We are the last Boston they'll build... (and we still haven't build's almost 2.5yrs now...:()

    2. We are doing knockdown and rebuild in the North of Sydney.

      We accepted the tender in Sep 2010 and signed the building contract in Apr 2011. And there is still nothing happen on my site by now!

      Have a good day!

  2. Hi Willcres. . . the plans look excellent. I can't believe how many bedrooms you have. . . how big is this house? (Huge). The front looks lovely and symmetrical. . . I love the way you have 3 windows on the left and right. . .

    Crikey. .. over 45sq! You'll need a butler and a cleaner (and definitely a pool man. . . hahaha).

    Good luck with your build.


    1. Hi Jo, thanks for your comments!! Ha..ha... My hubby is a good cleaner, so at this stage haven't thought about a cleaner....:)

      The size is 471.25m2, I think it's about 50sq. The bedrooms are only 5, downstairs is for study room, but can be used as 6th bedroom in the future, when I'm old...:)

      Thank you, Jo, for your help!!