Monday, February 6, 2012

Checking Building Contract

After almost 3 months, we haven't started yet, mainly because we lost 1 month to Christmas/New Year, then about 1 month to relocate the underground rainwatertank, then all those tiles/carpet drama, then now waiting for the final sign off.
I've been checking today of my building contract, it said :
Commencing the Building Works
- The builder is to commence the building works within 20 working days after the day that :
a. The builder receives all necessary building permits 7 planning approvals for the building works to commence
b. The owner satisfies all of the requirements of clause 4.

Well, I have got my CC and everything's else last month, so they should start the excavation soon...


  1. Congratulations. My CC is due on Monday apparently. Very exciting. I will watch your build with great interest.

  2. Thanks, TheCastle! :)
    So We'll build roughly at the same time then...
    How exciting!
    I also follow yours too ...:)