Saturday, June 30, 2012

Scaffolding were down....

It's been a while since my last posts...
Eaves was installed last week and painted this Monday. After that was nothing happened until yesterday when scaffolding were down. Almost 2 weeks of sunny days were gone just like that...:(

I have been feeling really down and sad the last few weeks.
The slowness of the progress that I can't bear after the scaffolding are down, I can see today that many bricks are not good, lots of chips here and there...2 cracked bricks, un-aligned bricks, and also dirty roof.

Here are some of the pics that bugs me :

1. Chips bricks like these, have a few more around the house:

2. Zig zag bricks at the entrance doors corner, have 2 at the entrance door and 1 at the alfresco, these what really upset me today :

3. Chips brick again :

4. Unaligned bricks under window (there are 2 more on the facade and at the back) :

What do you guys think ? Should they replace them / And when do they usually do it? Is it after all bricks are cleaned?


  1. Hello M.

    Sorry for miss this entry and not being with you when you had painful feeling on those bricklaying on the important places.

    I red many good response on your possible resolutions in H1. I agree and also think when you go for a meeting with brickies and SS, you may need to collect all pictures of brick laying (W's display homes and other houses building with W) that you want your bricks looks similar.

    And finally, try to be cool and strong with your opinion.

    Best of luck for tomorrow my friend M

  2. Hi Kiki,
    No problem, my friend, I had it sorted out today as you can read in update from meeting.

    I have no time to collect the pictures but I have accepted that no one is perfect. And by the brickies willingness to fix it up this week, I'm quite happy. just hoping the result will be good compared to now.